About truth

Just because “I don’t see how that could happen” does not mean it does not happen.

Just because I don’t see it, or get it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Truth is happening out there whether we see it or understand it or not.

Rather than the conventional view that “truth is what I know based on what I see and understand,” actually, “truth is what I do not know, and that which I see and understand is truth modified to fit inside my head.”

No one can claim to know universal truth. The very nature of truth and knowledge is that it is subjective. It is a combination of “what is actually going on” and “my ability to detect and analyze what is going on.”

Truth is always filtered. Always. And we all have different filters.

As humans we spend, and have historically spent, huge amounts of time and energy debating what is universally true and trying to impose specific truths on others. Hugely destructive actions have been taken to oppress others and oppress nature, based on a particular version of truth. Such actions are misguided.

There is no “one right belief” that justifies the supremacy of one group of people over another group or one species over another species. Somewhere in our history, actually many times in our history, someone said, “Hey, I know what is true more than those other people. And what I know to be true justifies our supremacy over those other people. Let’s go get ‘em!”

This gene, this arrogant thing within us that makes us think we know best, is the supreme flaw of human beings and will result in our demise.


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  1. To expand on that (or in addition to that; it hard to tell) in an inextricably bound universe in which there are no meaningful divisions at all, the individual who, in context, is the first person perspective, the narrator, the experiencer, necessarily becomes a positive solipsist to some degree, whether or not they acknowledge the experiencing of others. The first person takes precedent, and to the experiencer, a reality in which all things flow together looks very much like a reality emnating from or being projected by their own self; experiencing as imagining.

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