For many people meditation brings new understanding. Some even say it brings enlightenment.

Meditation means different things to different people but to me it means trying to be still and quiet and empty the mind. It is an attempt to be free from distractions. It is a focusing inward, on one’s breathing for instance.

You might say it is a drawing near of one’s senses. When I meditate I am not trying to understand incredibly large things or ridiculously small things or highly complex things or things far away. I’m not trying to understand anything really, just my immediate experience. I experience my breath, the breeze, the press of my body to the earth.

And although I am not seeking it, I often find that understanding just comes. I find that when I calm the mind and focus the heart on that which is close at hand, enlightenment shows up. Without fanfare or fireworks I quietly develop new ways of seeing things. Peace emerges.

My Theory of Relative Understanding says that we have a better chance of understanding things close at hand. The theory fits with my experience of enlightenment through meditation.

When I focus all my senses and all my intellect inward, I am focused on something extremely close and same-sized. The potential for understanding is huge.


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