What do you think of these ideas?

This website is filled with ideas. I am inviting you to collaborate with me to help make the ideas better.

I am not interested in thoughtless, close-minded criticism of these ideas. I am interested in thoughtful, open-minded criticism of these ideas and I am interested in your related ideas.

Collaborate with me and others in testing and revising these ideas.

Jump in anywhere. There is a place to reply at the bottom of every page.

I believe so strongly that there is no universal truth and that no person or species is superior to any other that I have tried to establish a scientific basis for my belief.

I have tried to write a theory, a hypothesis, that I believe has a basis both in humanities and in science. It is my wildest dream that my hypothesis will be challenged by scientists and philosophers and at least part of it will survive.

I know that my theory cannot be proved. Indeed, the theory itself says that no thing can be proved to be universally true.

Yet, does the theory ring true for you? Does it make sense to you? Can you imagine that it might be true? Or some small part of it true? If so, tell me! Write a comment. Offer a little encouragement. Share a story or experience that illustrates the theory. I would love to hear your story!

And if the theory were to be true, what would be some implications? How would it change our thinking about the world? How might we change our behaviors in light of this way of thinking? Tell me! Help me out here.

If you think that the theory, or some part of it, is not true or does not make sense, why not? What about it just doesn’t work for you, and why? Can you actually prove that it’s not true, or that part of it is not true? If so, tell me! Write a comment. Show me and others me that any part of what I am saying cannot be true.

Relative Understanding Video Graphic - RequestHow about the algebraic equation? Any takers? Anyone care to help me in refining the equation to make it more accurate and more defensible? I have more specific ideas about the correlations between the factors so if you are interested, write a comment below and ask me. Anyone want to experiment with some real numbers and test and refine the equation? If so, tell me! Write a comment. I would so love to have some help and collaboration to make the equation, and indeed the whole theory, better.

Can you prove or disprove any part of The Theory?

What do you think of the ideas?

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